Nobody does it better...

There's a reason why we spend longer than any other coaching program in the world training up our coaches to the super-high standard that we do - simply because we know that our reputation rests upon it! 


You can be assured that an Online Video Analysis with a Certified Swim Smooth Coach is as close as you can possibly get to a real-life session, without actually being close at all! Yay to that! In this current climate with self-isolation ruling the roost, this is the perfect time to be having an assessment of where you're at, then reflect and study the tools we'll give you to comeback as an even better version of your swimming self!

If it's good enough for Dan, it's good enough for you!

See how our remote video analysis service helped produce the world's fastest EVER Age-Group world record at the 2018 Hawaii Ironman World Championships as Dan Plews engaged the services of Swim Smooth Head Coach, Paul Newsome, to go 8h24m with an improved swim time of over 5 minutes! You can watch the full analysis (23 minutes) right here in case you need anymore convincing!